A fractured beginning

Well, hello there. I see you’re awake, shall we get on with it?

I’ll title this one (exhibit) A, too cliche?

I should be sorry for that horrendous introduction? Probably.  I just finished a mystery novel written by a friend, which along with Oh, Death as background, 2:00am, and the possibility of using such frazzling dissonance, is enough to fuel, well, you’ll see.

i hope my friend didn’t disturb you   “we” decided to do this together you see             requiring that we cooperate even when we disagree on how to “complete” things….

First off; thank you for coming!   Second; I believe that introductions should actually bring about an increase in knowledge, not just elude to such.

So Thirdly;  I didn’t intend for the title to be all encompassing (though that would be as awesome as it would boring!), this blogs purpose is to be joyful and share that with others . I think many people (the authors!) put far to much emphasis on having fun, or perhaps not having it.

We agonize over so many small details, strive to be aware, to improve in areas that we hadn’t thought of before the first step. And in so doing we defeat our own purpose, we become so preoccupied with the accomplishing that we can’t really appreciate doing it.  I wish to see flesh on bones (Ezekiel 37), I ask the Holy Spirit to work through us daily so that what only God has the strength to do would be accomplished…  make us His instruments in our accepting that we don’t know how bad we are/were, or how loving we His children can be.

So, to learn what needs to be fixed we will move forward, taking steps to reveal our brokenness and acknowledge that His loving kindness is greater.

We no longer need to fear.

Honest, Author, S = Peasant,

God bless you, goodnight.