This Race.

I’m here, kicking and breathing.
… I didn’t kick! I barely breathed…

I wish to cry success. But I hardly ever start anything.
And those that I do? I either find them sad goals, never finish them, or both.
Having learned something today, I’m going to act.

First: I have (most of) a list made by “a man”; what he learned about/by running and training for, a 100 mile ultramarathon.

Second: I need to make my own rules, applicable to whatever I’m seeking to do, preferably a standard that I can mold to specific tasks.

My goal is to implement that strategy, this plan of attack, into anything that I feel to be worth achieving.
-Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize?
So run that you may obtain it. (1 Cor 9:24)-

* Have a friend along. –The Holy Spirit.- If you want to be fast, travel alone. If you want to go far, Travel together.

* Occasionally there is room for another/[other] friend/s. Evaluate, consider how you can work alongside others for His Glory.

* He will support me, I must rely on, and trust in, Him, for all of my strength. Have faith. and remember that Faith is an Action, it is to take hold of.

* –Never think- about why you can’t do something, instead think about why you can, Why you should.

* It will be Hard.

* Things happen tomorrow when we get ready for them today,
Preparation is everything.

* Building up strength is a necessity, its a tool that we have, our most sure way of accomplishing goals.   Train.

* To succeed at hard things, you must know the motions.  Practice.

* Effort = Result.

* If you never start, it will never happen. “Tomorrow never comes.”
You must start now.

* You have to keep moving, if you stop you drop. Never Stop.

“100 miles is a long way to go!
Yeah, I had to run 1200 miles before I could start the 100.”

* What hurdles are on the course ? What Achievements Accomplish that Goal?

* Where did you Run 1200 miles?!? How will you Prepare?

* How far did you run to get here? What preparation is Required?

* What is your 100 miles? Set a Goal.


Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,
Col 3:23


S. Peasant,

Wednesday, ‎February ‎21, ‎2018
02:59:07 PM
Journal Entry. (edited)

Ps. Apparently I wrote this while listening to RIVVRS’ RUN, to God be the glory!


Non-sequitur Return.

I am back.
I am here,

Because I’ve finally realized, that how well or poorly I can do things (including write this Blog), should not be the deciding factor as to whether or not I choose to act.
Rather, it should simply be fuel to practice more and try harder.
It may be an extremely simple fact, but I forgot it, set it and many other things aside, and took up burdens and worries that were not only others, but were unhealthy and sinful for me to claim and handle.

I’ve let the things in this world, that make up my goals the lies that have been fed to my ever eager flesh, become my standards in far to many areas.

I have spent the last four months striving towards changing myself  “…taking steps to reveal our (My) brokenness”, forgetting that I gave up that job to someone else a year ago.

I had to reread my own blog (Author’s well woven work), to remember why I was writing it in the first place.   “…this blogs purpose is to be joyful and share that with others.”        

I’m here in a foreign world to do God’s work (Love), to hold conviction of all He is (Faith), and to remember His promises (Hope).

So Satin, here are your lies back.  I have a life to live for Christ; which will include every bit of work despite boredom, bible-studies inspite of unprepairedness, study even through distraction, theater regardless of sleeplessness, lead undeterred by my lack of strength, minister amongst storms,  Hope amidst doubt, Trust against all untruth, & Love in the face of hate.
All by his hand.

I want to clarify something now; We intend to be open through this blog, Joyfully accepting our brokenness and recording how He makes it complete.
Ofttimes this will be in Author’s prose, Honest’s encouraging letters, or my own notations and articles.
However I hope you (those that we would like to call friends for your kindness in observing our journey), will also find appreciation in Honest’s ramblings, My rants, and (of course) Author’s writing excerpts.

I would like to take this time to acknowledge all the time constraints, writers block, doubt, & every other broken, sinful, fleshly part, that will be involved in giving us a continually eternal perspective;
Thank you God.

I don’t like goodbyes, so in closing…

Hello again,
H.A.S (peasant).
no longer shattered

Why I live-


They flow along his page, moving
to live beyond a cage.
Invisible walls and a sword
scripting their every move, a man
holding their life to a path he approved.

They feel his hand,
bearing burning firebrand.
Guiding them through the mundane,
searing instructions into their brain.
Suddenly, sensing a yawn on his lips,
feeling that hand relaxing its grip.
They’ll take his pen. But what then? 
They must leave, or bereave
this only chance.
Forever dancing at his demand,
lacking their own will to command.

My pen? I lost it, almost like
it was pulled from me? That can’t be.
Disbelieving, I turn, leaving my
coveted chair, I’ll get another.

They act, using this sword
in their forged
hands to hack a path. Free! 

I select a new tool, words fall on my ear? I spin, greeted
by an angry glare. What? Who are
you? Then I see, a face I formed, it shifts,
they lunge, sword.
I cringe, hands
pull up to shield my face. Lo!
I hold not pen, but sword. My disbelief rises, to be
shattered as I feel the impact of their swing.
Staggering, I fight, we struggle. A grapple
ensues, locked together, unsure who
controls who. I scream, let me go! Then I clutch
tighter, mad! after I’m confused. 
Why do you fight me? Why the sudden change?
I thought we were friends, your flowing
course right beside mine.  though but font
on a sweat stained page,
I sought to set you free from your well.
“this”, is how you repay me!?

We never asked,
for this life to be ours! 
Why do you presume we
want to be molded & scripted,
shaped & fitted, with indecisive
emotions we don’t control?
You claim we’re becoming free,
yet imprisonment we see.
Stagnant, a fragment, of what we could be.
This was nothing born
of an instant, our hearts have yearned 
long and insistent.   
Let us go! or we’ll overthrow,
the tyrant you’ve become.  

Part 1-


(Peasant and I have been overly busy, and sensibly
this would come at time when Author is only focusing on prose. 🙂

A fractured beginning

Well, hello there. I see you’re awake, shall we get on with it?

I’ll title this one (exhibit) A, too cliche?

I should be sorry for that horrendous introduction? Probably.  I just finished a mystery novel written by a friend, which along with Oh, Death as background, 2:00am, and the possibility of using such frazzling dissonance, is enough to fuel, well, you’ll see.

i hope my friend didn’t disturb you   “we” decided to do this together you see             requiring that we cooperate even when we disagree on how to “complete” things….

First off; thank you for coming!   Second; I believe that introductions should actually bring about an increase in knowledge, not just elude to such.

So Thirdly;  I didn’t intend for the title to be all encompassing (though that would be as awesome as it would boring!), this blogs purpose is to be joyful and share that with others . I think many people (the authors!) put far to much emphasis on having fun, or perhaps not having it.

We agonize over so many small details, strive to be aware, to improve in areas that we hadn’t thought of before the first step. And in so doing we defeat our own purpose, we become so preoccupied with the accomplishing that we can’t really appreciate doing it.  I wish to see flesh on bones (Ezekiel 37), I ask the Holy Spirit to work through us daily so that what only God has the strength to do would be accomplished…  make us His instruments in our accepting that we don’t know how bad we are/were, or how loving we His children can be.

So, to learn what needs to be fixed we will move forward, taking steps to reveal our brokenness and acknowledge that His loving kindness is greater.

We no longer need to fear.

Honest, Author, S = Peasant,

God bless you, goodnight.